La Poste: Time to get fresh

Eggs as seed planters Here we are again, yearning  for spring and finding glints of light and life amid the rich brown of sleeping earth. Like eggshells as fresh-looking seed starter pots. Remodelista included some rich, sleepy browns in its 28 February files, in a couple of totally unrelated items.
  Aged tin ceiling tiles grow fresh against a clean white wall The brown of the ancient pressed tin fleur de lys ceiling tiles grow fresh, sitting above washed white tile walls, at Iris Café in Brooklyn Heights.
  Fresh restored bricks stand up to the baroque detail of old frames I find restored bricks and brick walls to have a clean, fresh feel. The wall above, also at Iris Café, stands up well to the baroque detailing of old picture frames.
  Seed frames amid stones and bricks of a Victorian yard Meanwhile, back outside, the bricks and stones of a Victorian yard in Cornwall, England are made fresh by white cold frames sporting tender sprouts. Speaking of sprouts, stay tuned. Something fresh and fancy coming soon! à bientôt...Tatie

(La Poste is a frequent feature where I share some little bit of design or creativity found in my email inbox.)