Storybook Germany, when only a cliché will do

The drive across southern Germany is like thumbing through a storybook. Very cliché, but I fail to find a better way to describe it. Not sure where the photo above was shot, obviously through the passenger-side window.
From the Black Forest,, we drove down to Lake Constance, or the Bodensee. There, we stayed in Meersburg, a 15th century town that spills down a steep hill to the lakeside strand.
The hotel Baern, above at night, was probably the prettiest place we stayed in Germany. (Thanks again to Karen Brown and her outstanding travel guides.)
As I live and breathe, the hotel building was in a dream I once had. Has that ever happened to you?
Details, above, of the regional painted furniture that filled our room.
Views of Meersburg, atop the hill.
Down the hill and along the lake, I sensed a Côte d'Azur feel. Not the Cannes Film Festival or Monte Carlo Casino feel, but something else. A mental shift of gears.
Silhouettes of Meersburg at dusk, along the lake.
The road into Bavaria, framed by the Alps, took us to the mountain village of Ettal. One of the best parts: my husband driving and singing "The Happy Wanderer," with his "rücksack on his back!"
From top, clockwise: The porch of the Post Hotel, where we stayed in Ettal; dome of the cathedral at Ettal, from inside; the view outside of the cathedral dome; ancient buildings at the foot the Austrian Alps, in Innsbruck.
Detail of Innsbruck. I couldn't get this close to Austria without going for the coffee, the pastry and a few yards of traditional dirndl fabric. I'll make Zoë what her mommy called "Austrio dresses" when she was little and I made them for her. Details as they develop.   More of the cathedral at Ettal, which is right up there with the Duomo in Florence and Nôtre Dame de Paris, among the most beautiful churches I've had the good fortune to visit. The Ettaler beer made at the monastery brewery exceeded all expectations. From Ettal, we drove to Münich and the flight home. To make the most of a visit to Germany, be a Happy Wanderer, and do it by car.   à bientôt...Tatie